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Textured Laminates

Textured laminate kitchens possess a modern and streamlined look, while still remaining economical. This makes it the perfect material to enjoy a premium kitchen at a lower price. Our luxury slab doors have all the characteristics of wood, from how the stain pulls to how unique each piece in your home will be. Textured laminates are the best alternative to wooden doors, but with the added durability and an easy clean finish.

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Colours tend to change yearly, mostly due to paint companies adding new colours to their palettes every season. These changes in trends can make it daunting to pick your favourite colour. One thing we know for sure is that classic colours like white creams, grays and rich stains of brown or black are timeless selections.


Two Tone Kitchens

Two tone kitchens are the perfect way to add focal points to your space. By mixing light colours with dark, or even pairing painted finishes with textured laminates, it will help you create a beautiful contrast in your kitchen and home.


Bold Colours

Go bold in your home! It is always an amazing idea to add a strong splash of colour to your kitchen. The colour changes can be used to highlight your island, a hutch or even floating shelves. Bold colours also look great when applied to your vanities in ensuites, bathrooms, and powder rooms!



Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and customizing it is the perfect way to add your own unique flair to the space. There is a broad range of finished hardware available for every kitchen with brushed nickle being one of our most popular. Other finishes making a return are the champagne and brushed brass, both of which lend a classical feel to any kitchen.

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Custom Woodwork

When customizing your space, one of the most important features is the material of the cabinets. Choosing a wood or MDF allows you to accomplish a lot more since wood is easier to manipulate and customize. Some of the trending features that we are seeing with custom woodwork today consist of floating shelves or vanities, decorative island legs, and ‘X’ style wine racks.