Practical Options

Adding kitchen features not only help improve the design and functionality of your kitchen, but they also provide more value to your home. Although some features and/or options may seem decorative to the eye, they can also serve multiple purposes.


Deep Cabinet Above Fridge

Having a deep fridge cabinet in your kitchen helps to frame in your appliance while also providing clear access to any items that you have stored above. Deep fridge cabinet also allows easy reach to items stored above the fridge.

Optional: Add adjustable tray dividers.
Optimal for storing cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin trays, platters, pie dishes, and cooling racks, etc. They keep your kitchen organized and also provide visibility to all your baking needs.


Garbage Bins & Recycle Centres

Standard trash and recycle bins take up floor space and often do not look appealing to the eye. They also omit bad odours and are a fascination for pets to get into. Having a built in garbage in your home will not only keep your trash and recycle bins hidden away, but it will also provide more organization for those who promote sustainability.


Soft-close Doors & Drawers

Soft-close hinges and drawers provide long-term health for your cabinets as they take the full force of impact when closing. They also slow down the rate at which the door and/or drawer closes meaning that it will remove almost all of the sound that is usually generated with standard hinges and slides. This prevents any additional worry you may have with younger children slamming the doors and drawers shut.


Roll-outs in Base Cabinetry or Pantries

Roll-outs provide the most accessibility in terms of storage. They are also ergonomic as you no longer have to squat down or bend down to see what items you have at the back of your cabinet. In addition, as people get older their backs have a higher risk of becoming more sensitive to lifting and bending down; so having roll-outs in your base cabinetry and/or pantry will eliminate that issue.


Under-cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is not only decorative; it can also be practical. It allows the kitchen to appear brighter and more ambient. This option of lighting is great for providing extra vision when prepping meals, clean-up, and showcasing any decorative under-cabinet lighting can also serve as a night light or background lighting while in your great room.


Pots and Pans Cabinets

When placing a deep drawer cabinet beside the range, it provides easy access to large cookware. Since they consist of having a smaller drawer at the top and two larger drawers below, it is resourceful for storing utensils/ silverware up top and pots and pans down below. You may also store lids, baking sheets/trays, and small appliances in the larger drawers. Optional: Two deep drawers with an interior roll-out up top. Good for storing pots and pans at the bottom and then storing the lids in the interior roll-out.